Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Disheartening news
I certainly was not prepared for the results of the amniocentesis! The lowest for lung maturity is 55, and this baby is only at 16. The fluid is currently being shipped to a lab where it will be tested with more precise equipment. For now, we are awaiting instructions from the doctors. I will admit that this is the biggest blow to me. I feel about as blah as I ever have in years! With one child who suffers with breathing problems, I hate for another to have similar struggles. Please pray for the little one as each day is an added bonus to its lung development.
I am curious as to how quickly the number gets higher. . . So far, I have found no info. Do any of you that have undergone this test have any idea?
My Mom and youngest sister are arriving tonight and will be here for several weeks. I am sad to see Joanna leave, but it will also be a blessing to spend time with my Mother. I can assure you, she will walk around with a gentle whip and not let me do a thing!
On a brighter note, I wanted to brag on our church family. . .They have been so kind and thoughtful during this ordeal. Eight different ladies have sent or delivered food, which we in turn enjoyed fourteen meals from the bounty! I have been called, phoned and emailed many times to let me know people are praying and thinking of me. All my good blog friends are just as uplifting! Thanks for sticking with me; your comments are encouraging and a bright spot in these long days.
Due to my bed rest, the baby shower was cancelled. The ladies have been bringing gifts to church, and Troy totes them home. It is always very exciting to get these! :-) Here we are last Sunday and pardon the poor quality photo - the camera was on the wrong setting. The boys were so happy since I let them open a few. It made the evening very exciting!

  posted at 2:39 PM  

Tuesday, October 30, 2007
State of the Union ~ 2
The bed rest has not been as miserable as I thought it would be. The first few days were hard since I am not used to sitting and sitting and sitting. . . I have played lots of games which has thrilled my kids.
This photo was taken by a four year old, so it is not the best quality. :-)
I have spent some of my "bed rest" relaxing in the sun while planning homeschool lessons.
I have had a wonderful helper in my younger sister. She has even been kind enough to do everything the way I like it. What am I going to do when she leaves?! I am very grateful to have a mother and sisters who are willing to drop everything to help me!
Here is another shot for all of you that love these photos. I currently weigh my heaviest - 161 and have a 44 inch waist. I am longing for the days when I can wear a size 8 again!
You had no clue that GBS had a line of maternity clothing, did you?! :-)

Now the rest of the story (and trying to do the short version of it). . .
We have run into a few complications, and things are progressing much faster than planned. An amniocentesis was done today, and we should get the results early tomorrow morning. If the lungs look fine, a C-section will follow Wednesday or Thursday. There is a slight possibility that I will have to undergo a hysterectomy along with the C-section, so the doctors are taking extra precautions. The baby has been on several monitors and so far is excelling. We do know it is already 7 lbs and 5 oz. and has hair!! Today I was told that with the extra procedures that will be taking place, I will be put "completely under" for the surgery. I am so glad I did not find out what the baby is, so I have a HUGE surprise awaiting my "coming back to earth!" Please keep me in your prayers. I am trying not to dwell on all the "what could happens." I can assure you that with all the complications, this baby's heartbeat has come to be one of the most precious sounds to me, and when I finally get it in my arms. . .I might cry for a few hours!
We will be posting pictures and stats soon. Any guesses as to the baby? :-) I have tended to think it is a girl, but that is because the pregnancy has been so different. Can't wait to find out!

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Sunday, October 28, 2007
Strange combos
As pregnant women, we certainly get "labeled" every time we consume something that another person dubs "strange." We don't even need to mention the laughs we bring if we pick up a dill pickle!!! How did the dill pickle/pregnancy connection start anyway?! My body has been pregnant four times, but as long as I can recall, I have always loved a slice of dill, but as usual, it only draws attention when I have a growing abdomen.
Just for entertainment, I decided to list some of my favorite combos which, according to some, are terribly strange!
~ I absolutely looooooove dipping carrot sticks, pretzels or Club crackers in icing! Mmmm - mmmm, can't get enough of those!
~ Give me a dill pickle with any sandwich - even a peanut butter one. As a teen, I enjoyed drinking lemonade while downing a pb sandwich with dill slices on the side.
~ I love to eat almonds with just about anything.
~ My favorite breakfast is fresh pineapple and a huge glass of water.
~ 99 % of the time, I want water with my meals; it makes the flavor of your food more distinct. I even want water with pizza! :-) I have been "informed" that is very strange.
~ Apples and popcorn
~ Salad without dressing
~ Potatoes without gravy
~ Oreos and fresh veggies (with water to drink, of course)
Your turn;
indulge me with a few of yours.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007
Waiting for the police. . .
Yes, you read the title correctly. With our "record," I will not be surprised if they show up at any moment - thanks to dear Ethan!
It so happens that while I was in bed this morning (Seems acceptable to me since I am supposed to be there.), Seth had been hit with some type of Mark Twain like inspiration, for he was reading me the first two chapters of his book about "Ed and Fred." While I was enjoying the work of his pen, Ethan took it upon himself to open the front door to some strange woman who wanted to know where his parents "are." His "Daddy is gone, and Mommy is in bed." Seth walked out in time to hear her tell him to "shut the front door and lock it." Seth had never seen the woman which makes the matter more puzzling. I am very thankful it was not a "bad guy" since he would have been given free access to our place! Now, I am waiting to see if we get another knock at the door to check on the well being of our children. (We are such horrible parents, you know! :-)
Meanwhile I am going to get dressed and have a conference with a certain young man!
Hmmm - now where did I put my most pregnant looking outfit that will draw sympathy from an officer. . .
DISCLAIMER - After conversing with "The Culprit," I came to realize that the boys did come to my room to let me know someone was at the door. With the rate of speed at which I now move, I told them to ignore it. If it were a friend or neighbor, they would have first called. One son chose to obey, and the other, well. . .you know the story!
DISCLAIMER #2 - For those of you who are relatively new to my blog - Last year around this time, Troy and the boys were wrestling, and someone called the police because they "heard kids screaming." They obviously did not stick around to realize it was actually squeals and laughter! You can imagine our shock when officers were knocking around eleven at night! That is the incident to which I was referring in this post.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
My right hand boy(s)
As miserable as nausea tends to be, I must admit that one really good thing has come of it - I found out what good little workers reside in this home. Since they could walk, the boys have always cleaned up their own toys, but I decided it was time to branch out a little. Seth has become such a help to me that I wanted to take a few moments to "brag" on him. I am sure you other mothers will let me indulge! :-)
He has been tremendous in entertaining his younger brother with hours of reading, playing and games. He takes his role seriously and tries to be a good example.
He is becoming quite a help in the kitchen! In fact, he is such a boost that many times I do not want to make a meal without him. Between meal prep, dishwasher unloading and table setting, he is a must have.
With all the pregnancy issues I have had, mowing was not an option of late. The only problem is that with Troy's long hours. . .well, I was getting embarrassed of the yard. Seth was very willing to be taught the job, and we now have a great seven year old lawn boy!
Another BIG project he helped me to do was sand the entire crib and changing table. He certainly saved my arms some wear and tear.
Oh, and a few other things he is quite good at is vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning the glass tables and doors, running little errands, pumping gas, helping with the beds, doing laundry, straightening the house, cleaning his room. . .
And, no, I won't trade him. :-) I do think some woman will thank me someday. . .

And not to be left out, Ethan has been just as helpful in his own way. He cleans his room, empties the little trash cans, helps make his bed, is learning to vacuum, folds and puts away some of the laundry, helps to clear the table after meals. . .He is my other trooper!

They have taken their new jobs so seriously, that they love to surprise me. I have drug myself out of bed a few times to find they were already vacuuming and scrubbing. It was very sweet.

Thank you, Boys, for all of your help. I love you very much.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007
Greg's bed rest advice -

You just have to know Greg! He is one of the funniest and goofiest guys I have ever met. For most of my life, I actually thought I was related to him since he always seemed to be showing up at every family function. His nickname for me is "Handlebar" - lovingly dubbed from many years of girlish pigtails. My last personal encounter was in May when we were pulling into a restaurant parking lot, and he came dashing out throw himself across the hood of our van meanwhile yelling something about women drivers. You should have seen the face of the poor man that saw the whole encounter. I was not sure if I should get out of the van. . . I do not embarrass easily, but Greg can make me almost duck out of sight at times. He definitely is not a person for the faint hearted! :-)
Anyway, back to Greg. . . Nope, wait a minute. . .First you need to hear about Pavarotti! I will admit that I felt a twinge of sadness to read of his death. As soon as I heard the news I decided to call Troy, but when I turned on my phone I found two new messages - both from Greg. I ended up laughing so hard when I was through listening!!!! Wish I could have somehow posted them. He was telling us not to be sad since "this Papalochee guy died. There's finally going to be some peace around here. No more caterwauling from the balcony. Nope, he's gone. Now you can get some real music like Alice Cooper." It was so Greg. "We are calling to tell you that your membership to the Papalochee fan club is expired because, well. . .he's expired, too." Yup, it was Greg-style.
The next time I heard from him was last Thursday (I think.). He had a great money making scheme for my bed rest. This "idea" all stemmed from some friend of his who did a prank like get painted as a dead person, spent hours in a coffin at some spook house or something and was paid about $50 an hour. He saw no reason why I would not want to make money with this bed rest. :-)
Thanks, Greg, but I think I will "pass."

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Monday, October 15, 2007
They say I am "all baby,"
but the problem is that "all" of it is in the wrong place! Okay, maybe not on the outside, but it certainly is on the inside.
A quick rundown of events and prayer request is that I was discovered to have Placenta Previa. (In "layman's" terms - the placenta is not in the right spot.) Due to dangers, I have to have another C-section which was supposed to happen the week of Thanksgiving.
Apparently, other things are not cooperating. . .On Saturday I ended up spending hours in the hospital while they monitored the baby and gave me a shot to stop contractions. Baby's stats were fine the entire time, but the contractions/cramping started up after I arrived home again.
After visiting my doctor's office today, this is the "plan of action:"
1. Due to lung development, our first goal is to try to keep the baby tucked away until at least 36 weeks. (They gave me some meds to stop the contractions.)
2. I am on bed rest until the baby is born. (My sister is arriving tonight. Thank the Lord!!!)
3. On October 24th they will do some test (Forgot the name.) that involves a needle that looks as long as one of my legs to test the amniotic fluid and see if the baby's lungs are developed enough for birth.
4. I will see my doctor the morning of October 26th, and if the lungs look good, a C-section will probably be that next week. They want to take the baby ASAP when lungs are fine since my body is already trying to speed things up. Apparently there are major complications involved if the placenta breaks loose. I am constantly being stressed not to take any chances because it could result in me ending up with blood transfusions, brain damage to the baby, or if not treated quickly enough - my death. So, for those of you that know I push every limit, I am being a good girl this time. :-) For all of my wanting to live 100 years ago, I have come to realize that I would have been one of those women that died in childbirth!
~I received a little treat today when my friend, Sherri Stetler, surprised us with a visit and supper! It was such a blessing, and the meal tasted wonderful. Thank you, Lord, for good friends. We live so far away from church that I never expected anyone to traipse up here!

I will keep everyone "posted" as events take place, and you never know when Troy might be putting an announcement on here!

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Sunday, October 14, 2007
now THAT'S a neighbor's husband!
Kim is married to a guy that is just as kind as she is, and we have come to enjoy the great benefits of living across the street from this kind professional painter! His latest neighborly deed was to repaint the crib and changing table for us. I had asked him for some advice on touching it up, and he let me know that if we sanded the furniture, he would paint it.
I only wish that I had taken a before picture. The result is gorgeous, and we have a brand new looking set! As a "thank you," I took them a plate of those chocolate chip sandwich cookies, and I do believe he thought it was a great trade. :-)

  posted at 3:58 PM  

Thursday, October 11, 2007
now THAT'S a neighbor!
Thursday Supper Scenario:
Troy is at a recording session and will not be home until late tonight, and he, along with the rest of the group, is being fed. Let's see. . .Seth loves soup and salad. Okay -he's done. Now for Ethan. . .scrambled eggs, toast and fruit. Yup, he's happy. All that is left is little old. . .(Take that back.) All that is left is big old me and the baby. What to do for our supper. . . Doorbell rings, and I answer it only to find my awesome neighbor standing there with a grilled steak (organic - at that) for me!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh - baby and I are both thrilled! Gotta love great neighbors!

The two of us in my slimmer days.
Thanks, Kim, you are the best!

  posted at 6:14 PM  

Monday, October 08, 2007
Why would I do that?!
I know better than to leave home without my camera! I even had this "naggy" feeling to bring it with me, but I didn't. On Saturday, I was taking the kids to Home Depot's Kids' Workshop and thought I really did not need the extra camera weight in my purse. . . After all I have enough extra weight to lug around right now! :-)
It wasn't just the craft day, but a once a year event they host! There were policemen, firemen, EMT's, etc. We were able to tour a helicopter and fire engine, and we even got to see the chopper fly into the sky. (Fascinating to little boys.) They were handing out free popcorn, hot dogs and drinks. You know, a day just made for scrapbooking pictures! But, no, I left the camera at home. Speaking of hot dogs. . .I (sniff) did not get mine. As soon as we were ready to sit down, Seth accidentally dropped his, and my mommy's heart felt so badly for him, I gladly gave mine for the cause. Pretty big sacrifice for a pregnant woman! Ha! Poor guy. He didn't want me to be without one, and it took some convincing for me to get him to eat it. He has such a giving heart.
Here is the finished project the boys made - a fire engine crayon holder.
When I arrived home, my little three year old neighbor girl had "fowers" (dandelions) waiting on my porch rocker. She is such a sweetie! Here little brother then walked up and handed me a wet leaf. :-) Too cute!
Oh, yes, can't forget to mention. . .the cashier at Home Depot wanted to know if I am having twins! I think I will start hauling around ultrasound pictures to prove that theory false.

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Thursday, October 04, 2007
For Blake & Christopher

I found out that Seth and Ethan's cousins like to see pictures of them. So, boys, enjoy these never before posted snapshots! :-)

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007
16 stops
Whew! I get tired just thinking of that many, but that is what we did yesterday. Left the house around 10:30 and returned home about 5:30. To be honest (Not that I am dishonest at other times!:-), I did not have to get out at every stop.
Interspersed in our gallivanting, we ~
Had a picnic lunch.
Took a quick browse through the zoo.
Spent time at the park.
Ahhhhh, yes, more fresh pineapple from The Fresh Market.
I love that store, and yesterday I loved it even more because I had a $30 gift card from someone. As you can see by the container, I attacked the fruit as soon as I arrived home. I could eat an entire pineapple every day! Hold on before you are too impressed. . .I also washed it down with some chocolate covered pretzels! :-)
And in the midst of all the stops, I lost count as to how many times I was asked, "How much looonger do you have to go?" "How faaaaaar along arrrrre you?" To which I want to roll my eyes and say, "Oh, I am about 22 months along, and I am having triplets." Sigh. . .I have weeks left of enduring that question. When I stopped by the BJU Press Distribution Center, they were at least tactful - I might add. It was more of a concerned look and a genuine asking of my well being. To top it off, they had a guy carry all the boxes to my car. It is amazing what a little bit of Christian love in your heart can do!
Hmmm. . . Now where did I put my pineapple?!

  posted at 11:40 AM  

Monday, October 01, 2007
We all need some humbling now and then, and mine surfaced in this drawing done by a special four year old that lives in the same house. I was so inspired by a fellow blogger who posted this charming portrait of herself that I decided to let you see me through the eyes of Ethan. . .

I (Ahem) am not sure if I like the fact that my teeth are the dominant feature! When I asked him if they really are that big, he quickly answered, "Yes." Hmmmm. And I thought I had a pleasant smile! Oh, the best part is that I am "dancing." Problem there! With walking as painful as it is, dancing is not an option. (Except for a few weeks ago when I was outside and a Palmetto Bug, large cousin to the roach, almost ran across my foot. I did this pregnant dance and squeal that would have amused the most boring of people had they witnessed the scene!!!! Thankfully I think it was just the Lord and me! :-)
So, no, Ethan my teeth are not that big,
and I am not in dancing condition right now!

Following the Kincade like (Cough! Cough!) drawing of me, he then drew the above picture of Bambi (?).

Okay, so now I do not feel so. . .toothy!

  posted at 12:20 PM  

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