Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Georgia & I
got along very well!
When you're staying
waking up in this,
and enjoying such a view,
how could you not feel rested?!
We had a wonderful time which included walks through the woods, splashing in a mountain stream, hiking, games, and a looooong stop at one of the boys' favorite places which is elaborated on by Seth.
Ahhhh. . .give me the mountains any day - they definitely are one of my favorite forms of nature.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008
My mind is made up!
Since the above picture is how I am feeling concerning Silas' room, I am putting the project on hold! I do believe I should continue when I am in a better frame of mind such as when my sister comes to visit later this month. She will be more than happy to watch my kids, and that will end the start-stop-start-stop process that is also happening. For now I will focus on the window treatment and throw pillows for the guest bed. As for the guests that may use that room this month, just don't stare at the wobbly lines, for they could cause motion sickness! As soon as my never-ending bedroom project is completed, I will favor you with photos.

Ahhhh. . .I am starting to feel better.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008
In all of my painting experiences (and believe me - there have been many), I do not remember a time when I was so frustrated! I also do not remember a time when while painting I wanted to sit and cry. And yes, in case you had not figured it out, the repairing of wobbly lines is not going "smoothly." The room that should have been done a week ago when I started, should not still be getting my attention!!!! To top it off, the rest of my house looks like a thrift store because it has Silas' bedroom stuff spread all over, and other items that need to be sorted and taken to the new shed, and laundry mounting to the ceiling, and dishes that need to be washed (I was painting instead!). . . I do believe that is not helping my frame of mind! But on the good side,
I have a little guy that has spent a good deal of time watching his mobile as I taped, muttered, fumed, taped, taped, grumbled, etc.
And on another good note, there is a very excited little boy who is on a vacation with his Daddy. Years ago we started a tradition that the summer before our kids started school, they would get to go away with Troy for a few days. Ethan has been bursting with anticipation and counting down the days, and he and Daddy are now enjoying the mountains of Georgia.

On another very good note, Seth, Silas, and I will soon join them! I have to get this room done so I can truly relax. It would be a downer to come back to the thrift store in my living room! Did I ever mention that I hate painting, and all tape is not created equal?!

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Let the crying commence!

The walls. The lovely walls.
Our swimming trip did not work out today, so I am painting. Somehow that trade does not seem right! And to think that I could have been done with this room. . . Let me reiterate - all tape is not created equal!

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Sunday, July 06, 2008
Lamentations Chapter 1

"And behold, there was a woman in a far country who began to change the color of her dwelling. She stayeth in the room for many hours applying tape to the walls of her dwelling. Tape that costeth many of her mites, but she did it with a glad heart for the joy that would await her after removing the tape. For she hath many sons and does not like to spend precious time touching up paint in her dwelling.
Alas, the day cometh when the paint is dry, and behold, the woman of a far country removed the many feet of blue tape, but lo, the advertising was wicked! The tape let paint seep under its bond. Yes, many colors left their original boundaries. Colors of red, black, green, blue, and light yellow.
The woman that hath many sons was exceedingly distressed to her soul and almost let her anguish bring forth tears! Not tears of joy, nay, tears of much sadness, for her work is now greater than before.
But the woman was a determined woman of great stature and decided to confront the wicked makers of the tape. Workers who lie in wait to prey on innocent painters! And lo, as she feedeth her many sons, she deviseth a plan including pictures of wobbly paint lines, removed tape, receipts and original packaging, and yet, she will send them to the makers of tape with false advertising. She asketh and pleadeth, and lo, she may demand a refund from those workers of iniquity. Workers who make heavy the load of mothers with many sons.
But hope is in sight, as the woman, with the help of her good husband, hath found some tools to right the problem. And when she (hopefully) receiveth her money from the makers of tape, and the room is completed, the woman of a far country will again enjoy her dwelling. Selah."

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Friday, July 04, 2008
Revealing my soul. . .

I love this country and its flag with all my heart and am deeply thankful for the freedoms I now enjoy. Freedom that has been bought by a huge price of the Founding Fathers and countless men and women of the Armed Forces. The United States has birthed many brave men and women of whom we all owe a debt of gratitude.
I celebrate you, America,
land of the free and the home of the brave!

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Thursday, July 03, 2008
At this point in the room,
I am remembering how much I dislike painting. You've never heard me mention that before, have you?!
To save money, I have been gleaning from my many cans of paint which were purchased for other walls, and through this project I have come to realize:
1. All paint is not created equal.
2. All tape is not created equal. (And if paint seeped under this tape as it does with cheapo masking tape, I am afraid all will hear my laments!)
As far as the progress, all 48 stripes have been painted once, some twice, and some even thrice. (Is it wrong to sound British when July 4th looms in a few minutes?! :-) Red paint is very annoying, and I feel it will need a fourth coat. Actually, I know it will need a fourth coat. All 36 squares are painted. A few might need that extra touch. The solid green wall has been slathered but awaits a second slathering. Well, not technically a slathering, but if you saw my "painting garments," you would think I was "slathering!"

It's now late, I need to clean up the kitchen, get clothing out of the dryer, clean the paint from my body (I am very fitting for a certain children's song as I am red, yellow, black, and white. And green!), my arms are aching, and I really should not be on the computer!

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Why do I have to be like this?!
Remember this room?

Originally it was the homeschool/office ~ until a new prince came to the castle and claimed his domain. All of this furniture has found its way into other rooms and the wonderful storage shed that just became a backyard fixture. (Happy dance. More details later.) As much as I despise painting, (Reiteration on the despise part!!!!!) I wanted to get this room looking like a little boy's bedroom. Oh, yes - a boy's bedroom with a guest bed in it, too. :-)

As for the room decor, white walls just don't cut it for me. Well, on rare occasion they do. Why do I have to be like that?! I cannot remember a time in my life when I liked white walls! My inspiration finally hit me, and I have been taping, taping, taping. . . Taping stripes and squares. (Yes, I typed that correctly.) Now that the dreadful job of taping is finished, I am ready to roll. The colors, you ask? Green, red, blue, yellow, chalkboard paint, and maybe a little orange.
Oh, why can't I be happy with white walls?!

This is so much work!

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