Sunday, January 31, 2010
Use the camera, Woman!
Well, sorry, folks, 'cause I didn't use it very often. As I scroll through the photos of our Dec 29-Jan 6 trip to Phoenix I realize there is a multitude of things/happenings that never reached the lens. I think caring for a toddler in a time zone two hours different than his own and dealing with nausea and weariness probably pushed the thought of picture taking a bit further out of my mind. Since trips are not able to be rewound I'll have to settle for the few that did make it back home. Excited traveler #1.
Excited (but not ready for the camera) traveler #2.
Excited (but quickly tired of the "ayeplane") traveler #3.

In a typical day of mine two to four hours does not seem like a long period of time. In a typical day. Flying from one side of the country to the other is not a typical kind of day scenario, and that stretch of time seriously felt like some of the longest moments of my life. Taking a rambunctious two year old homebody out of his element and expecting him to sit for hours upon end next to you can be a bit draining! And my watch - - - those hands moved so slowly! I am happy to report that we had no major incidents. I did happen to glance away from the youngest for a few moments only to turn around and discover that he was sticking Toy Story stickers all over the side of the plane. My heart just about stopped until I realized they were easily removed. And as tiny as "conti-ental ayeplane" bathrooms are, there are still numerous things to amuse two year olds. :-) Believe me; I know.
Upon arrival, it seemed like there wasn't much slowing down until we arrived home again! And once again, I'd like to show more pictures. . .if I had them. :-)

Every boy loves to be unleashed on Uncle Tracy's drum set. The adults, on the other hand. . .

Hiking on South Mtn in Phoenix was a fun activity between Troy and the boys. I declined the invitation and did laundry instead. Only nausea would make me choose the latter!
A highlight of the trip for Seth was going to the US Airways Center where the Phoenix Suns play. He thought he was just going to see the outside of the building and was thrilled to discover his dad had worked it out to get them a guided tour.

The biggest highlight for me was to again visit with one of my best friends from high school who has moved from SD to Phoenix. Oh, the fun we had and the laughs we shared. . . There's nothing like a good friend with whom you go "way back" and share lots of history. :-)

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010
'Twas the weeks before Christmas
And all through the house,
My nausea was raging,
So I felt like a louse!
And I will stop the poetry (or attempt) for your sake! :-) This was by far my roughest Christmas season since nausea is no respecter of persons! The kiddos had a great time though, and that is more important to me. It can be a bit difficult to be festive when food smells send you running, and life itself sends you gagging! May I never again be sick the month of Christmas!!!!!!!!

The boys assembled their own tree and decorated it. What a relief and bit of sadness as it was another step of independence on their part.
And what's Christmas without some extra giving?! The boys worked and saved money to fill several packages for Operation Christmas Child. It was such a delight to watch them choose and pack little gifts for an unknown needy child. I hope they never lose that thrill!
And Christmas isn't Christmas without some crafts.
Never mind the gingerbread house; I scaled down to a tree. :-) I was also so nauseated I couldn't bear to taste the icing. (May we all pause to gasp!)
Mid December brought the opportunity to pull out the Zofran and head to SC where Troy was the bass soloist in Bob Jones University's Messiah production. What fun to reconnect with old friends and visit old places!
Backstage with the "performer" in his dressing room.
Dr. Warren Cook - Conductor.
The boys never tired of the game room where they spent hours playing pool
and ping pong.
Spending the day with a best friend - Josh.
More catching up with our old neighbors - the Russos.
Christmas Eve found us at my parents' house three hours away in PA. And what is Christmas Eve without games?! I was able to play Blokus for the first time - - - - - and loooved it!
Just had to wrap Grandpa's gift certificate in the biggest box from the attic. :-)

Christmas Day at home!!!!! Ahhh. . .I love to wake up in my own bed on that holiday! We had a special time together as a family! Gifts. Games. Food. Movies. Memories. All the makings of a good day!

And what's Christmas without snow?! Boy, did I ever get it, too. The land was so beautiful!!!! We were some of the fortunate ones that got around 20+ inches! (Can you feel my grin?! :-) I have not seen this much snow since my SD days. Snow is good for nausea, too. At least mine! :-)

And for some reason there are a few little boys that believe
hot cocoa and snow go hand in hand.
And what's snow and hot cocoa without freshly baked sugar cookies?!

My Narnia - without the lamppost. . .

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