Monday, December 22, 2008
Pregnant and nauseated again?
   Bet that got your attention!!!  :-)  For those who might wonder if my lack of posting is due to the title, sorry.  We are still a blessed family of five.  
I have been avoiding Blogger because the two main blog tools are giving me loads of frustration which is the last thing I need right now!  My computer has arthritis, and my camera is hormonal. In fact, the camera posted a new little message on its screen stating - CARD LOCKED.  My camera naive little self (who also detests looking through pages of instructions) is refraining from getting the manual to discover my level of digital doom.  Ignorance was bliss until I couldn't transfer any of the new images.  
Oh well, since I am not able to posts pictures of little boys giving their recitations or Baby Jesus (Who was very patriotic because Mary didn't have enough time to remove the bright red Christmas outfit and had to take him in red, white, and blue to the manger.) pulling straw from his "bed."  I am happy to announce that Baby Jesus fulfilled the line of "no crying He makes."  I think that was due to the pacifier which wasn't supposed to travel to Bethlehem either. Somehow a red and white pacifier did not seem very Christ-like.  :-)  His older brother who will never fulfill the part of an angel in any program became the little shepherd boy that spent the last part of the program next to his father.  It was very helpful that the shepherd's mother was a few feet away on the piano bench and was able to send him to the unexpected destination.  Before you get too judgmental, the shepherd had several chances to redeem himself, but it was after he decided to help direct the kids' choir we thought it was in his best interest to join Troy.  I will sheepishly admit that I am sure it was payment for some of the antics I pulled in programs during my younger days!  Judgement is never fun!  :-)  On the other hand, Baby Jesus' biggest brother gave a flawless performance.  At least I think he did.  I was a bit distracted watching a little shepherd behind me.  Anyway, I will happily admit that I am more relaxed now that all of my piano jobs are behind me.
Since I can't show you any of the other activities in which we have been involved, I will post a download of the item I saw a man run out of Walmart with the other day.  My boys and I were patiently standing in the return line at the door when a man ran out the door after he set off the alarm.
I was so upset at his audacity (I have an aversion to lawbreaking. . .except for an occasional breaking of speed limits.  Ha!) that I took off after him.  Well, all of my childhood reading of Nancy Drew books actually came in handy as I returned to the store with a description of the thief, his driving partner, the vehicle, and the license plate number.  And I hope they got caught!!!!  It was quite the eye-opening experience for the boys who couldn't understand why anyone would want to do that.  I love the innocence of children!  A short time later while in a different store, we happened upon another situation that could have involved more stealing. . . Ethan noticed a lady drop a large sum of cash, and we quickly snatched it from the floor and went looking for the owner.  I took the time to explain that it would be just as wrong for us to keep her money as it was for the man to run out of the store with the TV.  Needless she was shocked, relieved, and very grateful to us.  And we walked away with a very good feeling as we had participated in "goodwill toward all men."
May your Christmas be merry, bright, and theft-free!

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Friday, December 05, 2008
Goldilocks & the Three Trees
Okay, so maybe Goldilocks was not here, but we do have three trees.  A "Papa Bear" sized tree in the living room, a "Mama Bear" sized tree in the older boys' room, and a "Baby Bear" sized tree in the dining room.  The perfect little size for a one year old to decorate and destroy as he chooses.  :-)  
Before we head off into the trees, I just have to show you the cute Thanksgiving treats we made for our neighbors.  If you ever want great holiday ideas visit this wonderful site.
Oops. . .another stop before the woods to show the two Thanksgiving day photos that were taken. The first being my friend, Keren, and myself slaving away for all the male appetites ready to devour the food.  (Okay, so maybe were ready to devour it, too!  :-)
The second photo being of the guys having tons of fun with some contraption that I am afraid to spell due to its foreign origin.
Now for the trees - as you can see, I had lots of help from a sweet little boy.  He was very fascinated with all the new surroundings.
I did not do much this year since whatever came out would have to eventually find its way back to the shed.  I tossed some frosted fruit in a pretty glass bowl,  carefully set out the Willow Tree Nativity, and placed bulbs around to add a bit of color and mood.  Oh, yes, I set a snowman and small artificial tree in the boys' bathroom.  It's simple, but I like it that way.
My feelings were a bit mixed as Seth and Ethan put up their tree.  They followed the diagram and did most of it without my help.  It was sad relief.  I helped a little with the lights, but they put every ornament on by themselves.
The finished project and the happy decorators.
The finished project a few days later when the youngest brother decided he really wanted to hold one of the ornaments.  The poor tree has never looked the same!
What better thing to do but make faces while your Mom is taking pictures?!
I cannot get a good picture of my tree for anything.  The teal material comes alive when the lights come on, but I can never seem to get the effect with my camera.  Oh, well, you can see Silas' mini tree on the left.  That poor thing has been through war as well.  :-)  Maybe I should make a popcorn garland since he is so fond of munching on the ornaments.
I scaled down my tree decor also and used only stars and bulbs.  I really like it as it was a breeze to decorate and will be just as easy to put away.  I love the simplicity of it!
Annual gingerbread house construction.  

And what is sweeter than pudgy little babies in festive fleece pajamas?!  :-)

Have a blessed weekend!

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