Sunday, November 22, 2009
Only 21 days late this time.
It's a good thing that Silas is the last one to have a birthday this year as I keep getting further behind in my postings. The little lad turned two on the first of this month, and we have enjoyed celebrating him! Hard to believe he is the same child after seeing his birth photos. He's gone from a 4 week early 7 pounder to a 40 lb 2 year old. (You should see my left bicep! :-)
Silas is at such a fun stage now as he is wanting to be in the middle of everything (You can feel free to pray for the less patient Ethan. Ha!) and imitate what he sees. At times, I do things just to watch his imitation. He is getting very opinionated about food and prefers to eat "cannie" (candy), pizza, cheese, bread and "buttah" and "pottage" cheese. He is a big fan of John Deere "fractors" and Thomas the Tank Engine. The little guy loves the outdoors and animals. Piano music always gets his attention, and he likes to sing holding a hymnbook which he calls a "Bobble" (Bible).
Silas is also my first child that doesn't like his bread crusts - an act that I feel is sacrilegious when you love bread as I do. He is my first kid to be dangerous with writing utensils. He has decorated himself, numerous papers, walls, furniture, computer keys and screens. . . I won't even bother to mention the markers!
Best of all, he is still very attached to me, and I like that. :-) Makes a Mom feel extra special!

With Aunt Sarah's cat
Riding "Ganpa's fractor"
Birthday "fractor"

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