Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Celebrating ~
a new way. I have never really made a fuss about Easter. Guess I viewed most of the typical traditions as nothing but commercialism and cavities. Hang with me! As Wilbur says, "I don't mean to be objectionable." So, I did a little reading and discovered some of the reasons behind the traditions, and I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised! Eggs represent life. (Makes sense!) Hence the tradition of Easter eggs. (Very short form of that story! :-) So to make another long story short, here is a rundown of our weekend:
1. Easter party with homeschooling friends.
As four little kids were bursting with excitement I read a book about the holiday, told the story with Resurrection eggs, had a coloring contest (Ethan's first bit of competition, and it brought tears. He could not understand why he did not get a prize.), dipped pretzels in chocolate and sprinkles, and had an Easter egg hunt.

2. Made Resurrection cookies on Saturday night.

Another thought that came to me was that we tend to memorize Scriptures surrounding Christ's birth but not His death and Resurrection. So, I browsed through the Gospels, and the passages I gleaned for their little minds were in Matthew. I want the boys to be able to tell this story from memory, and to do that, our summer Scripture memory work will be: Matthew 21:1-11 along with chapters 26,27, and 28.

3. Our Sunday was spent at church & with friends.

Not a soul in their right mind would turn down a dinner invitation from Teresa! And let me tell you. . .it was a DINNER! She redefines the words Southern Cook! (Big statement from a practical Northerner! :-) I did have to tease her though as she was holding Silas and "helped" him say part of some type of Confederate pledge to the rebel flag! He may have been born in the South, but that boy has no choice but to have Northern blood flowing in his veins. :-)

Catherine and another shot of the top of Silas' head.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008
Metamorphosis of a. . .

coffee cake.
~Friday night~
~Saturday morning~
~After baking~
Ahhhh. . .one of my favorite parts of Saturday brunch! This is dedicated to all of you recipe lovers who like to try new things. I am one of those "get-as-much-done-the-night-before" type of gal, so this coffee cake is right down my lane! Yes, I'll admit that it is not the least bit healthy, but. . .it is very tasty. I have a heavy day today, so I used disposable pans to eliminate the mess.

I'll also have to say that the "goopy" stuff is yummy to munch on as you make the coffee cake. Mmm - mmmm!


(Taken from Fresh Brewed Life by Nicole Johnson.)

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Has it really been a week?!
Sigh. . .That means my baby is one week older! :-(
Somebody, please slow the clock!!!
I am not very good at posting anymore, am I?! During the day I write numerous posts in my head, but they obviously do not make it in the archives. Too busy with homeschooling right now. And as I homeschool, the laundry continues to pile, dishes mount, meals need to be made, and diapers. . well, you gals know all about diapers! :-)
Today was a bit different, and we surprised Troy by showing up at the university to hear him sing. I had quite a time trying to get ready but not do enough to make him suspicious! The minute he shut the front door it was a blur of activity to get all of us dressed, hair combed, breakfast ready, car loaded and out the door in 45 minutes. We surprised him for sure, and I do believe he was glad to have us there. The campus was swarming with people (It's Bible conference week.), and we finally found a spot on the top level of the parking garage which gave me the opportunity to get a beautiful shot of my favorite fountain on the campus. I could sit for hours and gaze at that display of water.
Last Sunday marked a very special day as we had Silas dedicated. Here is the little guy in the white tuxedo that his older brothers also wore. Little tradition goin' on there. (He obviously still has no use for the camera.) The other tradition was that Seth and Ethan both "filled their pants" during their dedications, and thankfully Silas did not follow suit!
Our pastor read stirring lines concerning child rearing, and I would like to get a copy and post it later. Parenting is a special but sobering task if you take your responsibilities seriously! Silas did well until he leaned down, and the pastor's lapel mic fit neatly in his mouth! Which, of course, captured a lovely moan from the lad. Now if you know Ethan (Who now has entered the fake smile stage.) life is never dull around him. I had made it very clear that he was to walk up behind me when I went to the front. Carefully and slowly walk to the front. Carefully and slowly without knocking down any mics or equipment, etc! He obediently did that, and the command must have been embedded on his brain because I was a bit shocked to walk to the piano later in the service and see him trailing me to the bench! :-) Poor guy. I think he was a bit embarrassed.Well, as I have enjoyed this blogging moment, the house still needs a bit of straightening, a lesson waits to be planned for tomorrow, and for some reason the groceries still have not put themselves away! So, here I go to be a good housekeeper. . .
Check back soon, for my brain has been working overtime and dropped me into deep thought mode. I've had extra thoughts swirling around concerning personal legacies, the Easter holiday, homeschooling, motherhood, child rearing, making memories, gratefulness. . . (You're probably ready to run away now, right?! :-) I love to get feedback from other Christian moms (and dads) that are in the same place as I am. So many of you are a big encouragement and load me up with great ideas.
May the rest of your week be profitable!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Catching Your Eye ~ Part 3
Let me gush - - - I looove this foyer!

Tell me what you notice.

I am not sure what I like better -

the lemons or the floor. . .

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Monday, March 10, 2008
Concerned. . .
Very concerned! Whether you homeschool or not, please do your homeschooling friends a favor and take a minute to sign this petition! Thanks for your help!

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300th post,

and I will be kind
and not tire you with 300 facts about myself.
(Now go breathe a big sigh of relief! :-)
Enjoy your Monday;
'cause I certainly am in this far, far away land!

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Saturday, March 08, 2008
When the cat's away,
the mice will:
1. Bake more than pumpkin pies (Which the Mama Mouse enjoyed 1 1/2 of herself!). They also made banana bread and chocolate chip cookie bars. Now the little mice were begging to eat the bread warm, and the Mama Mouse was so happy to oblige so they would not notice her consuming large amounts of cookie dough!
2. Stock up on lots of paper goods so there will be more fun and less work.
3. Drag out loads of scrapbooking materials and spread them all over Timbuktu (the kitchen table). And since the Cat is not there to eat, the Mama Mouse will make easy and interesting meals such as biscuits and apple slices. (The little mice loved it!)
4. Set up a Play Dough station in the kitchen where little mice can make a huge and continual mess for days. 5. For the first time in 13 years and for the entertainment of little mice, the Mama Mouse donned a pair of roller blades and brought much laughter to her brood (and a neighbor girl). The Mama Mouse was a bit apprehensive after making a quick call to her sister who owns the roller blades and was informed they had no brakes! To be cautious, she used a broom to help steady herself. (No, the Mama Mouse is not worried about what everyone is thinking of her, she is too busy making memories.) She really wanted Papa Cat's ski poles but was afraid she might make them look like twisty ties before she was done. (And she did not want to explain that to him!) Now Mama is tall for a mouse and with the blades, she reaches 6'. That was a loooong way for her to fall to a sitting position, and she was wishing she had strapped on a pillow. The other problem was getting up after a fall; her feet kept rolling out from under her! Despite the feeling of uncertainty and impending doom on wheels, aching backbone and concrete embedded paws, it was fun!
- Now the Cat is stuck in a Northern blizzard (Why can't these things happen when I live there?!), and despite the break in school and other duties, the Mama and little mice are looking forward to seeing the Cat again!

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Friday, March 07, 2008
Two new discoveries:
Don't get too excited; it's not a breakthrough in science or anything! Just a few new things about myself:
1. I baked my first pumpkin pies yesterday, and they tasted as good as my mother's. I was pretty proud since I think she makes the best ones on the planet! (I am not prejudiced or anything! :-)
2. I can down an entire pumpkin pie in one day. (Don't ask me how I know, but for some reason I think that is an accomplishment in which I should not be proud!)

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Monday, March 03, 2008
"It's a. . .
beautiful day in the neighborhood," and beautiful weather for little boys to -

enjoy the sunshine,
play in the dirt,
eat out of doors,
play with friends,
listen to the breezes in the trees and birds chirping, bask in the 60+ weather and sunshine, chat with neighbor friends, gaze at the little green sprouts popping up in the yard and be surrounded by lousy music played by a group of kids who might be aspiring to start their own rock band! Last week I came to the conclusion that the only thing worse than living in the same cul-de-sac with this not so musically talented group was the fact that they are rhythmically challenged as well! So, as they sit armed with a drum set and electric guitars in a garage (which reverberates every sound) and flip through radio stations, they get so messed up in the beat that I think I am going to have a nervous break down! I came very close to going over there and asking them if they had to play such disgusting music, could I please show them how to do it correctly?! I am beginning to think summer will be extremely loooong if we have these "concerts" for hours upon end as we now do on Saturdays. Thankfully I have gotten to know the "host" family (The other musicians appear from other parts of the subdivision.) and feel that maybe we can peacefully work out some "quiet times" if need be. It can get very frustrating when you are in your own house, playing your own music and still cannot drown out the thumping of the drums!
So, as for today, "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood," and it's a very quiet day in the neighborhood! I think we'll have lunch outside, too and enjoy a Southern Spring that is on its way.

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