Wednesday, February 28, 2007
The choir will be at our church tonight,
and we have some "catching up" to do!
It will be so fun to see old friends!
Seth and Ethan are also anticipating reunions with people.
Joel Hood and Heather Christner top their list.
I am afraid this might commence another bout of
Ohio home-sickness!

Seth wrote letters and made treat bags for Joel and Heather.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Kids' Planet 2007
Today was our first visit in 2007,
and the boys were so happy to be back here again!
We spent around four hours in the park and surrounding area.
Part of the time we enjoyed the company of our friends -
Angie, Luke and Adrianna Oliver.

~The No Fear Boy~

"Catch me, Mommy!"
Ethan and I were King and Queen trying to get away

from the Bad Guy - Seth.

~Handiwork of Mommy and Seth~

We went for a little walk in the woods and found a creek.
You can imagine the happiness of two little boys

when I promised summer wading!
We had a very special time and during the walk, Seth gazed up at me and said,
"Mommy, I really like the way your face looks."
What a sweetie!

~Another bridge to cross~

We took another route home and saw the above mansion on the way.

Isn't it gorgeous?!
Seth asked if we would ever live in a place like that.
"Probably not, Seth,
but that is okay. It's way too much for Mommy to clean!"
Especially with Q-tips, Angie! :-)

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Monday, February 26, 2007
Seth in the spotlight!

Following our latest holiday, one of Seth's books had this story assignment. I thought it was nicely done considering the fact he has never written a story. :-) He even came up with his own title. Seth certainly made his Mommy/Teacher proud of him! Good job, Buddy!

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Saturday, February 24, 2007
Misc. . .
Generic post name, huh?! :-) In too big of a hurry to think of a better one. Life has been quite busy around here - due to the 60's-70's weather. On Thursday, I put another 4-5 hours of work into the front landscaping. (This house was a repo, and the yards became quite unattractive as they sat unattended.) I was removing layers of dead leaves and gross mulch while numerous bugs and things "came forth." Seth and Caleb were thrilled with the finds! Yick! I kept rubber gloves on my hands! I also started the process of removing some sad looking bushes. Thankfully my neighbor, Arlene, brought a shovel and did the digging while I pulled. We had a good time visiting and had some laughs at the few times I almost flew through the air when a bush came out of the ground. Whew! I am discovering all the places where muscles abide. Can't wait for the aches to go!
These "things" were around all the mulch. Apparently there are people that think they are attractive, but I do not fall in that category. They reminded me of something that belonged around a gingerbread house. In case you are wondering, yes, they are heavy, but I was glad to hide them on the side of the house. Now. . .to get rid of them, one must?
Ahhhh. Starting to look much better! The gingerbread lumpy things are gone, sprawling bushes out of the ground. . . Several more hours of hard work and fresh mulch, and I will not be embarrassed of the front!
Welcome to the Greenville Zoo!
On Friday, we took a school trip here. It was fun to be walking in the nice weather, and we had a good time together. I loved the elephants, and I never tire of watching these huge creatures. I thought it was interesting how they almost blended with the rocks behind them.
Gators are always a favorite with the boys, and so is the. . .
reptile house!
Double yick!! My skin crawls as we gaze at weird snakes and hissing cock roaches! Now, I do not mind snakes and can even hold them, but not when they look like the above ones! Especially not when they are bigger than me! I couldn't wait to get out of there!

The orangutans were fun to watch. The mother came from across the field, wrapped herself and the baby in a sheet and sat watching us. The baby kept putting its hand on the glass and peeking at us. It was so cute! Babies are cute in any species. Well, except for a baby hissing cock roach!

The "dad" was another story.

I was fascinated by the layers of skin around his face!

Yes, there is a face behind all that "stuff."

Well, I am off again! I probably should not have plopped into my computer chair, for I am realizing how tired my body is. I am currently on a "Cleaning Binge" in this house. Am I the only one who gets those? You know, the move the furniture and vacuum under it, clean the baseboards with a vacuum tool, scrub edges of bathroom floors with a toothbrush. . . I had better hop up and keep taking advantage of the mood! :-)

Have a blessed Sunday!

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Latest project
My Mother is turning 60 this month, and I know that she is absolutely thrilled that I am posting that fact for the world to see! :-) Hee. Hee. I wanted to make a special gift this year, and in so doing I am creating a HUGE mess:
in the homeschool room
and the hall!
I decided to do a scrapbook of memories. All of Mom's siblings, her husband and children are in the process of sending me their memories (most of them good and a few not so good :-), and I am compiling them in this little book. I have already shed some tears, and I know she will! The quote I placed on the front is, "Memories start in the heart and live in it forever. ~ Amanda Cox." It is coming together nicely, and I am very excited about it!

~The first page~
The little ribbon is not squashed in the book,
but the scanner lid certainly did a number on it for this photo!

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My Kiddos
~ A very tired bookworm ~
~Seth having his devotions. (Couldn't resist this picture!) ~
~ Ethan was asked to take the comic books from one room to another,
and this is the only way he could get it done in one trip!
Now that's putting your mouth to good use! :-) ~

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
She took the plunge!
My cousin, Les, called this morning to tell me she purchased an "old lady bag."
Nancy, look at the epidemic we are starting! :-)
As I said, Les, don't be too strong in your opinions. Ha.
Hang in there; after a few months, it might even "grow" on Scott!
Leslie's choice:
Vera Bradley Nantucket Navy Lindsay bag

  posted at 3:56 PM  

Four year old artistry
My youngest son's latest work:
"Mommy holding a fwower and dwinking ice cweam."
Umm. Not really sure about the "drinking ice cream" part,
or the fact that my face looks quite skeletal. . .
Other than that, it still warms my "Mommy's heart!"
I love these little drawings.

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Monday, February 19, 2007
A Valentine Story
Here we are.
Remember that I mentioned my Valentine was taking me on a date? (You can borrow the above picture if you do not take a snapshot of the real subjects! :-) We were at our table when one of his professors walked by us. What a pleasant surprise! It was not long before Dr. Cook's wife arrived at his side and added to the conversation. They soon disappeared, and we were again left to ourselves.
Until. . .

Dr. Cook's wife returned to our table with a, "Warren said to give this to you to help pay for the meal." (Or something along that line.) What a sweet gesture! Sentimental old me almost cried! We have been so befriended by many at BJU.

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Valentine News
My BIG helper helping me make a BIG mess.

We decided to make Valentine cookies for neighbors. We decorated bags, signed our name and a Scripture reference, divided the cookies and headed into the subdivision.

P.S. I ate wwwwaaaayyyy too much dough and was a bit ill!

~ At a Homeschool Valentine Party~

Ethan found a good helper in Laura.

Andrew was being goofy for the camera.

Our Valentine treats from the Russos.

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Friday, February 16, 2007
"Where, oh where. . ."
"did my site meter go?
Where, oh where could it be?"
Do site meters go poof when you update your template? Mine has been gone since that day, and I was curious if I should install another. I would rather have the old one and see what has happened during its disappearance! Suggestions, anyone?

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"Winter" in SC
Yup. I was working outside yesterday. While a good many of my friends are posting beautiful pictures of ice and snow, I was busy preparing the ground for fresh mulch. In my past, I have never used the words "February" and "landscaping" in the same sentence. A bit of an oxymoron in my vocabulary! The temps are cold at night, but usually back in the 40's-50's and sometimes 60's during the day. We end up working in the yard, playing basketball, going for walks. . . Sigh. . . I miss the snow. I even enjoyed shoveling it! Guess I need to be content with staring at the Tupperware container in my freezer. :-)
Sorry I have not been as regular with my postings. I have been delving into some projects lately. I do have some funny stories to share though. My sons have been telling me that their bodies "talk" to them. Hmmm. Sounds a little strange, huh?! More details later. I need to finish a bunch of jobs and get ready for a Friday night date with my Honey! Fun! Fun!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
For Troy. . .

  posted at 9:29 AM  

To. . .
~ my three men ~
~ all of my family ~

~ countless friends ~

~ all of my blog pals ~

a very Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  posted at 8:23 AM  

Saturday, February 10, 2007
Dinner Rocks
My little helper working on the colored rocks.
(Have you ever met a kid that does not like to paint?)
Step 2
Some say "verse," "song, "blessing," some are the fruits of the Spirit
and the others are the twelve virtues from the Steve Green story
"Sir Bernard - the Goodly Knight."

Ready to be put to use!

At our house, I want mealtimes to be fun and educational centering around good conversation. So, I came up with another plan to help - Dinner Rocks. Both boys have to close their eyes and choose a rock. If you get a colored one, you have to give a compliment or say something you love about everyone sitting at the table. If the rock has a word, we then discuss the meaning and ways we can implement it in our daily lives. It is definitely helping in proactive training! If someone chooses "verse," they quote a favorite. Same idea with the "song." "Blessing" is something they appreciate, etc. I had intended it to be done during our family meal together, but I find the boys doing it several times during the day. They love it! It is so sweet to hear their little compliments and ideas about things.

  posted at 9:50 PM  

Mystery Solved

The "Grinch Case" has been cracked, and I know who it is! :-)

Hard to believe I did not get it sooner!

I suppose I will be nice and keep your identity a secret!

Now, regarding Anonymous 2. . . How about turning yourself in?!

  posted at 9:44 PM  

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