Friday, June 26, 2009
A "bunch" of those other things we have been doing.
A gang of happy Tweetsie fans!
Upon arriving home from our "peaceful interruption" of Florida, we attacked the house with great vigor. You can almost feel like you've lived as a slob once you begin to brighten things for your potential buyers. :-) Thankfully we did not have too many big projects. Just do not ask me to touch another paint brush for a looong time!
It is a blessing to have friends like Ivan Trussell (Who wasn't so fond of getting his picture taken. :-) and Jaron! They helped us to not go insane in our frenzy of "getting the house ready for the market."
Did I also mention that I will not have another garage sale unless I am selling all of my furniture?! Nothing like spending hours of prep only to have it all soaking wet after a downpour! Not to mention losers who steal from yard sales, and crabby people, and those who want to lower your already extremely low prices!
Sherri Melton and I were not sure whether to laugh or cry at the rain. . . So we ate lots and lots of chocolate cupcakes instead! :-)
The other "fun" began as we had to continually empty the house of ourselves so people could "view the property" minus our presence. We kept finding things to do such as eating. :-) The little guy was quite proud to get a cup with a straw which resulted in drinking and drinking and drinking.
Sometimes we went to the lake as we waited and waited and waited for people to leave our home. It was nice to have a neighbor who kept us posted as to who was in and out and how long they stayed. :-)
Who could complain that you had to spend an evening here?!

Other times we entertained ourselves by playing football in another neighbor's backyard, and it was there that we sweated and sweated and sweated!

Even though the days seemed to drag when we were continually leaving the house, it was quickly ended when after three weeks . . . we had a buyer!!!!!! We are currently awaiting a home inspection and close date of July 31st.
Besides the "lovely" adventures brought on by the house, we are becoming favorites of the "gucks" (Silas' interpretation) and geese at the lake as we often stop by with a loaf of bread.
We also have a budding helper who loves to vacuum! He hasn't quite mastered the big one. :-)
The boys have been running all over our side of the subdivision finding toads, bugs and more bugs. They seem to find a thrill in throwing bugs in spider webs, and watching the spiders suck their blood. Shhhhh. Don't tell fly loving PETA!
With toads and bugs being exciting, you can imagine all the adrenaline running when we found a large snapping turtle under the neighbor's car!
The boys have been enjoying their last few weeks of playing with neighbors. They're having lots of fun outside
and inside the house.

As a Mom, I am so thankful for air conditioning in this nasty heat. . . and little bookworms that find unusual spots to read. :-) All three boys are participating in the library's summer reading program and are diligently working for prizes. We have had a chuckle or two today as we read 21 books to Silas this morning so he could get one of his prizes. :-) Nothing like cramming a little brain full of knowledge in one fell swoop!

We are also having a good time watching a certain 19 month old's emerging personality! Silas is becoming a little entertainer and will go to great lengths to get a laugh from you. :-) He brings so much fun to our home.
Last week found us at Tweetsie Railroad for the last time before we move, and we had a great time together! Silas is so sober in public, and we could not get him to smile for many shots. The little stinker! He also wasn't very impressed with the carousel or the Farris Wheel which I dared to ride on with him. A mother who gets tipsy when her feet have left the ground and a little boy who kept trying to slide out of his seat when the wheel was not turning is not a good combo! No, I will not be riding that thing again with him! It couldn't stop soon enough for me!!!!!!
The boys were captivated by the "attacks" along the train route, and this time we managed to avoid getting any cinders in our eyes.
Happy summer, friends!
Stay cool!

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Friday, June 05, 2009
A very peaceful interruption ~
to my all too busy life. :-)

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