Monday, April 30, 2007
Frightening quotes of the day:
# 1 - - - - "Mommy, there was no more toilet paper in our bathroom, so I got some paper towels. I used about ten of them and now the toilet won't flush very well."
- - (Picture me flying out of bed to view the damage!!!! What a way to start the morning.) The statement made by the innocent little boy was true, and the sight was awful! Hours later, I can now thankfully report that after much prayer and a little plumbing skills, things are "flush" again! :-)
#2 - - - - "Wook at me, Mommy. I am an 'Inian.'" (Indian)

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A little of Troy's world. . .
While in Greenville last Friday, we stopped byhere ~
to visit with

this guy! :-)
This is the building where Troy spends a good part of his time.
Still seems strange for me to walk in and see his name plate.
Enjoy a few shots of the corner of the

campus where we were visiting.

Can you tell that I love fountains/water?

I have always been fascinated by sculpted foliage.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007
My "Sister" Conclusion -
I have come to believe that sisters who are unmarried or have no children make the best aunts! Look what my two sisters surprised me with today~
(Squealing!) Brand new jeans were in the box!!!!!!!! They thrilled me with the clothing, but just to be "aunt-like" they included water guns, pencils, cars and stuffed animals! Oh, yes, they even included a few nice things for Troy and me. Happy sigh. . . What a nice treat! :-)

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Lawsuit Time!
Hi. It's me. Not sure if you remember who I am. . . I am certainly putting the spaces between the blog posts, huh?! I'm still alive - - last I checked anyway. (And to think that one woman at the park had the audacity to tell me that allergy season is over! I kindly asked her to inform my sinuses because at that point, they were not aware.)
Thanks for the kind comments, phone calls and emails. It's always nice to know that someone is wondering. :-)
Back to my post title. . . Due to the world in which we live, I thought I was going to see some lawsuits unfold right before my eyes. (Then I could rank with Carrie and her peanut butter!)
Sigh. . .It's just been one of those weeks. To be honest, life's ups and down don't usually bother me - until they are accompanied with a constant physical ailment, and then I feel whiny. So, for all the people who think I am constantly cheerful, I am sorry to dash your hopes. :-)
It started on Sunday when I was too sick to attend church. . . The doorbell summoned me, and I lumbered through the house to find two neighbor kids with "some news."
"Ma'am, my sister was riding her bike with one hand, and she rode right into your mailbox and broke it in half."
"She what?! Okay, never mind. I am really too sick right now to care what happened. Thanks for telling me." I then lumber to the window to find the mailbox and half of the post on the sidewalk and the other half of the post still securely in the ground. Nice!!!! Then it occurred to me - - I know who is going to have to fix the mailbox! Troy is gone sunup to sundown, so that leaves me. I promptly ran back to the door and summoned the bearer of bad news.
"Is your dad at home?"
"Yes, Ma'am."
"Would you please ask him to fix the mailbox? My husband goes to school and works two jobs and really doesn't have time."
"Yes, Ma'am, I will do that."
It was fixed by the dad, and Troy personally thanked them when he arrived home.
Monday rolled around, and I don't even remember what happened that day. Tuesday was "The Day." I should have known not to walk out the door, but that is our library and shopping day. When Tuesday arrives, everything is due, and the kitchen is like "Mother Hubbard." By the time we got in the van, I had already dealt with one brother who decided to poke the other with his breakfast fork, and I had already cleaned the blue crayon off the carpet after Ethan decided to play "Michelangelo" or something. Those were signs to stay put!
First stop - bank - smooth.
Second stop was lunch at:
I was placing my order when a teenager walked up to the counter, held out his fry container and said, "Look what was under my fries." I'll admit I was dying to see what "it" was." Mouse head, tadpole, finger, toe. . . Wow! I have never been this close to a lawsuit! Had I not left my camera at home, you would have enjoyed a bird's eye view of the guy - seriously!!!! The cashier is disputing that she did not put "that" in there. . . She finally says, "Those are potato chips." Sigh - and here I thought it was going to be big!!!! The kid then laughs and says, "I put them in there; I just wanted to see what you would do." The gals behind the counter didn't think it was very funny!
Lunch done. We head out.
Oh yes, one interesting note for the day - I have been slowly trying to take Ethan off the meds and consequently he looked like a raccoon. All the way through this store,
he keeps clapping which was beginning to annoy me because the sound was crashing through my head! Picture me - feeling lousy, trudging through the store, trying to think of making food when nothing sounds appealing, clapping raccoon in the cart and another child that keeps talking in "different languages." (These languages actually sound like babbling!) When Seth finally breaks back into English, he decides it is the day to read every sign in the world, and by this time I am in no frame of mind/body to explain concepts to a seven year old!
"Mommy, what does 'A quarter will save you dollars' mean?"
"Mommy, what does 'Eat vegetables, stay green' mean?" (Or something like that.)
"Mommy, what does. . .?"
"Mommy," what does. . .?"
"Seth, I am sorry, but please do not ask any other questions because I think I will drop dead any moment!" (Have you ever been there? :-)
Whew! Finally get done and head to:

I needed to get a few groceries and prescription refills. Annoyed, frustrated, tired, sick, sneezing, sniffing, miserable me is at the pharmacy counter when suddenly behind me there is a CRASH!!!!!!

I whirl around, and to my astonishment, my kids are on the floor and the cart is on top of them! Due to the loud noise, crying, exclamations of customers, we now have people from aisles around standing over us enjoying the Cart Catapulting Event!

Let us all pause until Angie gets done laughing and being relieved that it was not her boys. . .

Apparently, Seth was standing on the cart facing Ethan and decided to slowly start arching backward to enjoy an upside down view of the store. Well, that quickly ended when their combined weight flipped the cart! Seth received the most damage since the cart landed across him. Ethan had been in the seat and received minimal damage, but was quick to inform anyone who asked what part of his anatomy was injured! No, I will not type it here either! :-)

Excitement dies down, people leave, I get the meds and as I walk away, I am stopped by someone saying, "Ma'am, you can't leave yet because we need to find out if we need to file an accident report."
Oh great! Walmart is going to file a lawsuit against me!

Minutes later. . . "We do not need to unless you feel it is necessary."

"No," I whine, "I just want to leave. My boys are fine. I just want to go home! Thanks for your help."

I made it home. Had supper. Put the kids to bed early. Prayed. Played out my frustrations on the piano. Leaned over my neighbor's back fence and let her be the first to enjoy the cart episode. She loved it!

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Saturday, April 21, 2007
In case you're wondering. . .
1. This is the longest I have ever gone without posting.
2. I am alive.
3. I can barely breathe at times and have sneezed more than I'd like to count.
4. I am beginning to wonder if I was ever supposed to be on this side of the Mason-Dixon line.
5. While I am dragging about the house, boys will still be boys - even if they can't breathe very well! They did a little switching, and in our house we now -
spray on the shampoo and pump out the shower cleaner! :-)
6. Yesterday, I traipsed down to BJU to hear the Chorale in which Troy was singing. They are a masterful group of trained voices that do things I never knew was possible or ever thought I would hear in person. Ethan is too young to attend, but he was very happy to stay with -

his babysitter - "Kaffrin." (Katherine.) Just as at the dentist, I prayed and asked God to please keep the sneezes away until after the concert. I was about to panic at one point when the singers were surrounding the audience, and I was trapped in my pew! Thankfully, I made it - no sneezes! Even Seth noticed my lack of noise. The concert was awesome!!!!!! I was so miserable that I forgot to take pics of Troy and his pals.

7. I did a little listening of IHC. The first time I turned it on was during the patriotic rally right in the middle of - one of my best friends, Janelle Manley, as she was tearing up the national anthem! Is she incredible or what?! Now you know why she is one of my favorite vocalists to accompany!

Have a blessed Sunday!

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Monday, April 16, 2007
Of Fridays and Farewells. . .
Ahhhhh. . . So relaxing. . . Sitting on an old bridge, listening to the water splash over the rocks, making memories with my boys, eating snow cones. . . (The "Snow Cone Man" gave us 2 for the price of 1 that day. I took it as another "smile" from God! Have faith, not worries. :-)
Two very happy boys that were turned loose with a bank full of rocks! They were positive that they had found silver and gold in a few of them! :-) I love the childish innocence.
To all of my IHC friends ~ I hope you have a refreshing time at the convention! I will be absent for the first time in about 8-9 years. :-( Make sure you stop by the registration booth and give greetings to my wonderful friend ~ Janelle Manley. I will be very excited to see all the pictures upon your returns!

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Friday, April 13, 2007
Have faith, not worries!
This morning as I browsed my previous post, I had to chuckle, for my beginning sentences probably gave the idea I am a "worrier." :-) In all reality, I do not think I am. I was addressing womankind in general because we tend to worry more than our male counterpart.
Since we are "on this subject," I will tell my main worries, and maybe you can let me know if I am crazy.
1. Due to news headlines and the slipping morality of our nation, I sometimes worry over the world in which my children will have to live. What's amusing is that my Mother said she had the same worry thirty plus years ago when she started having children! I do my best to trust God and ask His help to raise my sons "for such a time as this."
2. I try to shield my boys from emotional hurts at such young ages. Ever notice how some of your deepest hurts came from cruel words when you were in formative years?
3. Don't laugh at this one - I worry about the food we will be served at people's houses. :-) I am very picky!!! I can handle normal meals with seasonings, trimmings, etc, but when they start whipping out things from deep in the ocean or from a far away continent - I am terrified!!!
4. I sometimes worry about Ethan's asthma. There are many children with physical conditions much worse, but breathing is essential to living. When I hold a gasping and heaving child in my lap, I always hope for a good outcome!
5. Shocker here - sometimes I worry about the finances. For new readers, the reason we moved to this "far, far away land of SC," was because Troy was awarded a graduate assistantship that covered his entire grad school bill. Some of you can realize how huge that is! Due to a move and my leaving all my piano students and cleaning jobs, our income has changed a bit, but we both agreed that we would rather not have tens of thousands of dollars looming over our heads for years to come. Well, during this time, God has been stretching my faith and teaching me so many things. Just this week, I was able to see God work again! I could not make it to my cleaning job and was frustrated because we really needed the money. God already knew, of course, and Troy came home from BJU with an anonymous monetary gift that was the exact amount I would have made cleaning!
No wonder He tells us to have faith as little children!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007
Worries, worries, worries
I'm worried about _____. I am afraid that _____. What would happen if _____? How do you fill in the blanks? It is a bit comical when we start mentioning things that really worry us. Some are very serious, and other are not. Some are real; some will probably never happen. One friend told me that she worries about people breaking into their home at night and hurting her children. Funny. That never crossed my mind as something to bring worry. Maybe I should - as teens, Troy and I both experienced people sneaking into our homes. Other friends worry about bodily harm being done to family members. Not me, but I do worry about one of us picking up a stomach bug! Some face anxiety about what others think of them, their homes, their talents, etc. Some fear the physical, some are terrified of nature, and more are frightened by the spiritual. How is this helping us??!! The crippling fact is that it's not! I have been pondering these thoughts as I browsed through:
For today, I want to share a few thoughts from the pages and hope you will find encouragement in these lines. . .
"An anxious heart weighs a man down," Proverbs 12:25 tells us. And yet the heavy burden of anxiety offers no real benefits. Jesus. . .reminded us, "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" (Matthew 6:27)
It's been said that worry is like a rocking chair - it gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere. One interesting set of statistics indicates there is nothing we can do about
70 percent of our worries:
What we worry about
40% are things that will never happen.
30% are about the past - which can't be changed.
12% are about criticism by others, mostly untrue.
10% are about health, which gets worse with stress.
8% are about real problems that can be solved.

When it comes down to it, worry is really a waste of time. But it's almost more than that. Worry is not only futile. It's actually bad for us. . . .researchers have established connections between chronic worry and weakened immune systems, cardiovascular disease, neurological imbalances, clinical depression, and other physical and psychological dysfunctions - not to mention specific anxiety-related illnesses such as panic attacks, agoraphobia, and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

All that from worry. No wonder Jesus warned Martha about her anxiety. No wonder the Bible tells us more than 350 times to "fear not."

The truth is, we were simply not wired for worry."

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Countdown time!
It's coming! It's coming! I recently received word that my customized blog design will arrive in less than a week. (It was another one of my 30th birthday presents.) I am so excited to see what Susie has done for me! Hop - over here to her site and check the portfolio. All of her designs are so eye catching. You can also go visit my friend - Carrie . She just received one of Susie's latest.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Phooey on. . .
the allergies!!!!!!
Following our school time, weekly library trip and grocery shopping, we headed to Lake Robinson (at my spot.) It was such a beautiful day!!

Here is one little boy who was more than happy to enjoy a lakeside lunch and duck feeding session!

Here are the other two people who immensely enjoyed their time out of doors! I am just hoping and praying Ethan does not have a setback.

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Monday, April 09, 2007
Question of the day -
I'm a little curious. . .
What do you like to see in a blog? What is it that makes you return to one a second, third. . . time? What doesn't appeal to you?
Here are things that attract me:
1. Humor! Humor! Humor!
2. Similarities in lifestyle - I love to read after other Christian, homeschooling and especially younger moms.
3. Someone who gives good decor ideas.
4. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Did I mention pictures?!
5. A positive or encouraging person who passes nuggets to others.
6. Love to check on friends/acquaintances.
7. Gals who show lots of pictures of their home. (I am sure that comes as a surprise!)
8. People who give good tips on healthy living, household management, organization. . .
9. Challenging and thought provoking writers.
10. People who post pictures of their hobbies - decorating, crafts, photography, cakes. . .
Your turn; what grabs you?

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Friday, April 06, 2007
Like him. Like him. Like him.

I do believe he was the best dentist I have ever had do work on my mouth! No horror stories - thankfully!!! The sneezes came before and long after the visit. (Answer to prayer.) I was in and out in one hour, and that was following a filling. Not much pain. I did forget to close my eyes, and I saw The Needle headed my way! Shivers!!!! Other than that (and the garlic tasting something that was in my mouth), I was fine. Within an hour of leaving the office, I was eating. By evening, there was no sign that I had even seen a dentist that day! No complaints! The other exciting thing was that no other major problems were found!!! I am used to going to get something fixed and being told there are about three other cavities, too. I am not a pop, tea or coffee drinker, haven't chewed gum in four years, stopped eating hard candy. . . I just happen to be plagued with soft teeth. Untold thousands of dollars have been spent on my mouth. I told Troy that if he pondered how expensive my words were, he would listen a little closer each time I speak! :-)
Oh, yes, I need to mention - the bill was very reasonable. (Another answer to prayer!)

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
"It's nothing to sneeze at."
The person who coined that statement should be given the honor of spending Spring in my head! The word "sneeze" is a bit of a nightmare right now! This part of the world is bursting with colors and growth, meanwhile I am sneezing, rubbing my eyes, sneezing, blowing my nose, sneezing, sneezing, sneezing. . . Did I mention sneezing?! Even my own front yard is boasting of beautiful foliage such as -
this pretty bush.
In all reality, this pretty bush may be part of the problem. (Not a pleasant thought since there are about seven or eight in the front!)
Yesterday, the County Line News stated, "It's an allergy nightmare out there. . .The tree pollen count hit 4,862. . .Any count more than 1500 is considered very high." Thank you, County Line News, for now adding psychological misery to my physical misery!
Now, for an interesting twist, I am to go to the dentist tomorrow (the 9th). I am nervous enough about the report and bill, but to make matters worse, I am just as worried about needing to sneeze! I have been taking meds, and I trust they will make tomorrow bearable. I still have a fear of my mouth being propped open, dental tools drilling and filing away when the sneeze of the ages comes to fruition! (I already feel the pain!)
Let's hope I have no horrifying tales to tell tomorrow!

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Introducing. . .
Keegan Spivey!
9 lbs, 3 oz ~ 21 in

With Daddy ~ David Spivey

With Mommy ~ Jamie (Bishop) Spivey

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Monday, April 02, 2007
Blogically Challenged

Yup. That's how I am feeling right now. I have lurked in that area for several days. . . Maybe it's because each time I sit to blog, I think of all the work I need to do. Who knows, but I am officially blogically challenged right now!!!!!

Before I head off to work on my house, let me share a few funnies that happened. . .

Recently, my younger sister, Joanna, was cleaning a person's home when she discovered some lovely dog droppings on the floor. Now, I do a lot for folks, but it stops at cleaning up after animals! Well, she, being afraid they might be upset if she left it there, pulled her shirt over her nose and cleaned away. The only problem was that the smell still reached her nose, and she threw up inside of her shirt!!! Have you ever heard of such a thing?! I laughed sooo hard. I know I shouldn't have, but it was too funny!

Last week during my yard work, I found one of my sons eating leaves!!! You can imagine how appalled I was! "Oh, these are good," he replied and munched on another. The practice came to a screeching halt as I stated the probability of bird droppings landing on trees/leaves. Apparently, I was supposed to feel better when he then told me that he and the neighbor boy have tasted grass! I then monologued about animal droppings and put the grass eating fad to a stop, too. I wonder if we are descendants of Nebuchadnezzar!

Thank you for all the kind comments concerning my finger. It is doing quite well and almost got shut in the bedroom door today! At least it wasn't at the same spot.

I am off the attack the house and maybe receive some inspiration.

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