Monday, December 31, 2007
Last IRL of '07
Sunday found me in the midst of my last IRL (In Real Life) meeting of the year with fellow blogger~Martha Going. Time flew by all too quickly! Martha is such a charming gal, and I truly enjoyed our chat. Like all good bloggers should, I had my camera tucked in my purse, but. . . Instead you will find a lovely photo of her which I (Ahem! Cough!) snatched from her blog. :-)
During our conversation, we both agreed that this gal would be a blast to know in person!!

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A Tale of 2007
Once upon a time - a long time ago in 2007, a family lived in a far, far away land. During January of that year, a little boy. . .

turned four years old,
and his older brother celebrated his seventh birthday.
The mother of the family finished the third decade of her life.
In February, there was great happiness when
it finally snowed in that far, far away land
where snow does not usually fall.
March was painful when the littlest boy broke his arm.
He shocked his poor mother when he removed his own cast!
He then received his second cast.

In April, the littlest boy experienced
his first Spring in the far, far away land,
and it did not treat his allergies kindly!

May surprised the world when the mother posted a riddle
of their exciting news!
In May, they also headed North
to visit family and friends.

June was special - the man and his wife
celebrated nine years of marriage.

In July, the mother, her two sons and two aunts

went on a vacation to Charleston, SC.

August led the family to the mountains of GA.

With September came the boys' Grandfather
and Aunt Joanna Sampson for a visit.
The father turned 30 in that month, too.
Due to complications,
the mother went on bed rest in October.
November brought the family a special bundle!
The family ended the year with three little boys
instead of two!

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Saturday, December 22, 2007
Glimpse of December

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Tale of a Missing Blogger
The little lad is doing well and putting on holiday pounds, for which we are thankful! :-) He just takes forever to eat!!! I know I had it easy with Seth and Ethan who were completed and burped in 15-20 minutes, but this boy is on the other end of the spectrum taking 45 minutes to an hour! I seriously spend 4-6 of my waking hours sitting and feeding the lad. Needless to say, I am having a hard time getting my tasks completed, so blogging spirals downward on the list. . . (As if you hadn't noticed.) It seems that meals and clean laundry are a bit more of a priority. I still enjoy all of your blogs as I feed the boy, I am just lazy about comments now.

With a baby in the house, it is a blessing to have a child that is almost eight years old. Seth has added "brotherly care" to his list of ways to help. He adores Silas and is wonderful with him and even put the baby to sleep on Friday.

So, no time for tear jerking or funny stories today. Just a quick update and a few pics which are less frustrating to do than one handed typing! Enjoy the pics, your weekend, and I feel pity for anyone who has to visit a store today.

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Monday, December 10, 2007
The rest of the family ~

is alive and well. It is quite easy to focus your attention and pictures on a new baby, so I thought I would post some snapshots from November while my family was here. Enjoy!

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Saturday, December 08, 2007
Cute question of the day -

"Mommy, can our next car be a Mustang convertible?" :-)
(You can tell Aunt Joanna has been here!)

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Thursday, December 06, 2007
The little guy is -
one month old and "growing like a weed." I have been trying to snag attractive pictures since there are relatives and friends who love to see snapshots of the baby, but I find it almost impossible unless he is sleeping! He will have a pleasant expression (eyes open, too) and from the time I grab the camera and get the button pushed, he distorts his little face into some hideous expression, or he starts looking for something to eat. Or cries. Or turns his head. Or closes his eyes. Sticks out his tongue. I think you get my point.
Enjoy my attempts. :-)
My new hat from Aunt Joanna.
Heading to the van for my first day of
"running errands" with Mom and
my two brothers.

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Sunday, December 02, 2007
Here it is!
The little lad's official birth announcements
just arrived in the mail.
Enjoy! :-)

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