Monday, November 13, 2006
Company, chaos, couches & creativity

You know my life has been busy when I have not blogged in 5 days! I hope my dear husband notices. (Ahem!) He says that I have to post about 3 times a day.
Well, it has been a crazy week, and I am exhausted! Warning - you will probably find typos, and I am so tired I will not catch them. As for the castle tales. . .here is what has been happening in the company corridor ~ Joanna, my younger sister, crossed the moat last Tuesday. She was a helpful maid while I painted, and the boys are enjoying her presence.
David Spivey, one of Troy's best friends, and Jordan and Jamie (I have no clue how to spell their last name.) spent Sunday night here. It was soooo fun, and there was much laughter :-) (Pictured is Troy, David and Jamie.) We had a wonderful time and hated to see them leave!
For the chaos end of it. . .I am very sore but still functioning:-) We had the wonderful idea to shampoo our carpets after painting, and I moved most of the furniture so we would have good access to the floors. I even "tossed" the dining room chairs in the yard to make more room. I began giving them a thorough cleaning but got sidetracked. Hours later, the rain drenched them and finished the job. I thought it was pretty funny and had a good laugh, but for some reason, I was the only one who laughed! I told Joanna that I need to quit improving my living conditions because more chaos seems to happen with each project!
The couch, yes, the lovely or once lovely couch is still in the same condition. I have not had time or energy to attempt any improvement. Angie and I are on the same page, and Les and Carrie will never be allowed to repair even a broken toothpick in my house:-) I am not an "afghan on the back of the couch" type of person, but in this emergency, we had to pull out great-grandma's and cover the damage. Speaking of afghans, when I was young, I think my mother collected them on the back of her sofa. I remember thinking it looked so cluttered, and when we were expecting company I would do away with the lovely items. As people were pulling in the driveway, I would make a mad dash for the living room, swipe all the afghans and toss them in a closet. I was such a trouble-maker! My father convinced me that it was in my good interest to stop that practice or else:-) Back to my couch, I enjoyed reading all the comments. Whoever was the "Martha Stewart," you brought me a great deal of laughter regarding your comment! Please email me and tell me who you are. I have an educated guess, but I would like to know for sure. Someone had an "inside track" to know all that about me:-)
Do you like the brown paint behind the couch? I love it! The butter color is on the opposite wall and in part of the hall. It is the color I will use to make stripes on the brown. I love the way the pictures look on the yellow colored wall. My sister, who happens to be the antithesis of me when it comes to decor, cannot understand why I would hang two of the same painting next to each other. I just smile and say, "It's different!"
I must go. We are off to have a fun day with Joanna. Have a great day yourself!

  posted at 10:44 AM  

At 10:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

(looking down my nose in a haughty way) That's ok. I have neither a hunk taken out of my couch, nor a speeding ticket. You can feebly attempt to glue your own toothpicks together.

On a different note, I actually like the idea of have two of the same picture. That is very interesting and has obviously made a good conversation piece!

At 11:13 AM, Blogger Martha C said...

Carrie, It is quite a joke with my family when it comes to my decorating tastes. If it is ugly or weird to them, they know it will rank on my top ten list. :-) People tend to remember my houses because of "different" things. You can imagine what my family thought when they heard I had decorated a previous kitchen and made a curtain out of twigs and branches! It was so fun.
As for the painting, the larger one was given to me by my grandmother, and I found the smaller at a thrift sore. I thought it would be neat to pass it on to a daughter - if I ever have one. For now it is fun to see people take a double look at that wall! Hee. Hee.

At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm. I would love to know how you made your curtain out of twigs and branches!

At 4:13 PM, Anonymous Les said...

I'm with Carrie! Your toothpicks shall remain broken!!!!!

At 2:09 AM, Anonymous Janet said...

Hey girl, I love that BEAUTIFUL GREEN VASE in the picture... wherever did you get something so nice?!?!? ;)


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