Tuesday, November 07, 2006
I'm a busy gal.

As the saying goes, "I have a lot on my plate this week."
I am excited that my sister, Joanna, will be here today. (The picture was taken two years ago, but it at least lets you know what she looks like. Please excuse Seth's expression. He is not the photogenic one:-) My boys have no clue about her arrival, but I have been cruelly keeping them in suspense over a HUGE surprise! Yesterday I started attacking the "list" I had formulated to do while she was here to watch the boys but soon realized it was too long. I have included some photos of the progress.
~I finished the kitchen trim and set up a little decor. I am not doing much and decided to use what I have. If I buy more, it is more to move.
~I prepped one of the hall walls and painted it. (I took all the the snapshots at night, so they are dark due to the lack of natural light. Sorry.)
I also included a picture of the window coverings I bought for the patio doors. They are not my favorite style, but anything was an improvement over those whopping blinds! They were on clearance, too, so I snatched them. I did like the retro look on the top of them. Troy jokingly told me it reminded him of a shower curtain.
And now you're wondering about school? Yes, I canceled on Monday. I started Seth earlier than planned so I could have a few free days if needed. He was pretty excited, and the boys spent part of the time playing battle. "Peter" (Seth) and "Edmond" (Ethan) were quite busy fighting for Narnia. (Yes, "Crashing Fat Bellies" has not been played in a few weeks. I think it is because I moved the couch, and they do not want to whack the coffee table. They would have to rename it "Hurting Little Backs.")
Well. . . I am off to start school, attack more of the "list" and go to Charlotte for my sister. Sigh. . .I will probably drive under the speed limit!

  posted at 8:13 AM  

At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Carrie said...

You move like a house afire, girl! Have a fun visit! Maybe you'll have to move the coffee table and teach her how to play "Crashing Fat Bellies!"

At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The house is looking great. You have a very good eye. Maybe the nice policemen will appreciate some decorating tips in exchange for just a warning...

At 1:14 PM, Anonymous Les said...

The boys will be so excited to see Joanna! I know Joanna is excited to see them! I like the "shower curtain" look for the patio doors. I have lived in my house for 1 year and don't have nearly as much done. Of course, I am not nearly as motivated as you either!

As far as Carrie's comment, Joanna doesn't need to be taught anymore games! She does fine on her own!

At 11:11 AM, Anonymous Janette said...

Your house is looking so nice! You've done such a good fast job!


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