Thursday, October 19, 2006
To DMV or not to DMV?
Those of you who are following the title saga in which I am embattled,
may you find last night's conversation interesting. . .

Late Wednesday, I enter the office/homeschool room to find Troy working at the computer. I begrudgingly plop down the title where he needs to sign the van to me as a buyer and himself as the seller.
"Honey, will you sign the highlighted places so I can go to the DMV again in the morning?"
After a short pause, I speak up, "You know what? I cannot bear the thought of walking back in there just to be told you need to do something else! Is there a way you can take this to the DMV?"
Still staring at the screen, "I guess I can try."
I again pipe up, "Maybe all of us can go on Saturday, and then we will both be in attendance in case they start pulling out other needless papers."
Still staring at the screen, "You want to drag the kids to the DMV with us on Saturday?!"
After a slight pause. . .My head tilted, eyebrow raised, "Ummm, Honey, what do you think I did with the kids every other time I went to the DMV?"
Still staring at the screen, "Oh, yeah. I forgot."

Result of conversation - we are all going to the DMV on Saturday, and I am taking loads of identification (maybe the entire "fire-proof" box), photo ID, checkbook (of course), and I think I will even take my grocery list. I am learning to be prepared for anything! For those of you who have asked for a Christmas list, please buy me a stamp of Troy's signature; it would make my life a lot easier! Oh, yes, I am also hoping they do not notice the very different odometer reading each time I sign a new paper!

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At 4:38 PM, Blogger Mickey said...

That conversation was just too funny. I think every hubby has said something like that at some point. What do they think we do with the kids when we have to go somewhere?? Use our magic wand and transform them into little fairies to tuck in our purses? haha


At 1:34 AM, Anonymous A maligned husband said...

*Jokingly assumes defensive posture and...

...supposes he is the only person in the world who, when performing important, time-sensitive duties, has ever "spaced out" at someone's persistent attempts to break into his sphere of concentration...?

...and supposes he should remind his dear wife of the fact that he suggested to her that she probably shouldn't make another trip to the DMV before calling them to make sure she had ALL of the necessary items in order since she didn't think to ask the clerk exactly what was needed when she was in there the first time (like hubby would have tried to do)...

...or, better yet, wonders what the situation would have been like if his dear wife would have taken his advice and found out what was required to get the items in order by checking online or by calling for clarification before ever making trip numero uno? (Like hubby tries to do)...

...or (and this is by far the best option) take hubby up on his offer to complete the entire dreaded transaction on Saturday by driving 20 miles to the only DMV branch in Greenville county that's open on Saturdays (which hubby finally DID; only to find out that said dreaded transaction STILL couldn't be completed because the required signature of one of the two involved parties -- who will remain unnamed but whose initials are NOT "TBC" -- was still missing from the application form, a sad and demoralizing fact for which he reluctantly but willingly accepts at least partial joint-responsibility)...

(Sigh) "...for better, for worse..."

Unassumes defensive posture*

*Gives wife huge cyber-hug*

Love you anyway, dear! Sorry this has turned into such an ordeal. At least it makes for good blogging material. :-)

At 2:52 PM, Blogger Martha C said...

Oh, good grief, my dear "maligned husband!" Knock! Knock! Am I now in your sphere of concentration?! :-) I cannot believe. . .No, I can believe that you were up at one o'clock in the morning formulating that repsonse! You are a riot, Honey! In "answer" to your suggestions, it does no good to call or look online because those people are more confusing when not in person! I had no time to come with you on Saturday either. Well, I could have, but you would have been wearing dirty clothes on Sunday. At least it is over! Thanks for all your help and patience. XO


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