Thursday, October 12, 2006
"Crashing Fat Bellies"

That is the name of the game my boys invented! To play, you will need a stuffed bear and a brave heart. The object is to cram the bear up your shirt and run pell-mell at the opposing person. Whoever is still standing is the winner! (Am I the only one laughing? :-) I will reiterate - my kids amuse me!!!! Their imaginations are amazing. Any GBS student or staff member that lived or even walked by our house came to realize how imaginative Seth can be. I will never forget when Janna H. told me he had chased every alligator out of her yard! (No wonder he loved Steve Irwin!) I cannot for the life of me figure out where they inherited such imaginations! (Choke. Cough.) Okay - Okay - I am guilty, but I never would have made up a game like "Crashing Fat Bellies!" The nice thing about being an imaginative child is that life is not boring; you can always dream of something. As a little girl, I pretended everything from a soldier to being Martha Miller. I used to dream of playing the piano in front of Reagan at the White House. I even tried to put that dream in action by playing the piano as loudly as I could in hopes that some government official would walk by our house and hear me. (I am sure the neighbors were thrilled.) Surely, if I were heard by the right person, I would be invited to the White House! That is the mind of a seven year old in action! Okay. . . that is far out, but at least I wasn't playing "Crashing Fat Bellies!" My imagination also got the best of me when my cousin would lock me in my grandparents' basement and tell me some dead ancestor was there with a knife! (Thanks, Les!) I came to realize that an imagination was very handy around punishment time. For your benefit, I have included my six year old picture. . . Can you think such a sweet little face would ever cause problems?! :-) I had it all worked out that when I was sent to my room, I was in solitary confinement. Next up was sentences time. You know - "I will respect my parents." (Hopefully I was not the only one who had that punishment!) No problem there - I pretended I was the manager of some big company and was doing paperwork. I even became very accomplished with using two pencils at once and writing double time. Spankings were no different; in fact my older brother helped me on that one. . . Being the patriotic citizens that we were, we pretended to be American soldiers, and Mom and Dad were the communists. With all that in mind. . .I prefer my kids inventing "Crashing Fat Bellies." I do tap into their little imaginations though. We pretend to be bakers in the kitchen, restaurant workers at meals, and I have even donned a hard hat so I could be "Wendy." "Bob" and I had to fold laundry together. (Did I miss that episode?) It's all great, and the boys and I have fun. Thank you, God, for vivid imaginations. (For now - anyway.)

  posted at 3:25 PM  

At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Les said...

Obviously your favorite cousin had a decent imagination to make up a story like Maggie Grandma and all our other dead relatives in the coal bin in the basement! You did leave out ALL the things you did to your poor, sweet, innocent cousin to cause her to do such unthinkable things to you!

At 1:45 PM, Blogger Martha C said...

Oh, come on, Les. All I did was whack you with sticks! How awful is that?! :-)

At 3:57 PM, Blogger Mickey said...

I'm not sure I know you personally but I linked from Carrie Carter's blog. I am Michelle Krick (daughter of Steve Hight who I'm sure you've heard of). Anyway, your last two posts had me rolling. You have a wonderful way with words. I would die of mortification if the cops came to MY house! There have been a few times that I've told the kids to "keep it down" or the cops might come. Now I can tell them I know of someone that happened to! :O) Thanks for the illustration!


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