Friday, May 18, 2007
A Tale of Stuffed Animals
I am not sure at what level the fuzzy critters in your house reside, but here at the castle, these cotton-stuffed cuddlies are very special to a certain seven year old boy! It amazes me how personalities are revealed in the way a child tends to play with their toys - especially stuffed animals.
Seth, the more sensitive one, would have a sacred spot in his bed for every creature if he were allowed. (I try to keep the number in the teens, so that bed making is possible.) He has a hard time seeing them alone in the toy box when others are safe in his bed! (Their feelings might be hurt!) Pictured below are a few of the most beloved of them all~

Ethan, on the other hand, the impulsive-unpredictable child goes through stages with the animals. Sometimes they are in the way, and he wants none in his bed. Other times they are meticulously spread across his pillow. More than once they have been piled in the middle of his room and made a perfect trampoline! (No, he doesn't worry about their feelings!)
Recently, I have enjoyed some entertaining conversations with Seth - - conversations surrounding the animal kingdom in their room. . . Thought you might be amused! :-)

Scene 1: "The look."

Mommy - "Seth, Ethan would like to have the lion in his bed tonight."
Panic stricken Seth - "But, Mommy, the lion doesn't want to do that!"
"Oh, it doesn't, huh?! Please tell me how you came to that conclusion."
(I think this is where the tears began.) "Did you see the look on its face when you said it had to sleep in Ethan's bed? It was a very sad look."
I, surveying the lion's face and summoning all the imagination I possess, could not see the "look." "Seth, I think it looks fine, and it is going to go to Ethan's domain for the night so stop sniffing."
Scene 2: Rolling on stuffed animals.
The above pictured green snake is the new topic.

As Seth and I are straightening the boys' room, I break the news that Ethan would like to have Seth's snake in his bed for a night.
Now, of all the animals, the huge snake ranks as one of the top, so I know this is going to be an interesting discussion!
"Seth, Ethan wants to sleep with the green snake tonight."
Seth, now gasping in disbelief, is having a hard time believing that I am entertaining the thought of making him part with the snake!
Through the midst of wailing, Seth begins to protest!
I counteract, "Seth, you have around four million creatures in your bed, you will not miss the snake that badly, and you need to learn to share these animals."
Still wailing, Seth replies, "Ethan might roll over on it!"
Stunned, I ask, "He might what?!"
More wailing, "He might roll over on it!"
Sigh. . .He might roll over on it. . .a stuffed animal. . .What a pity! (Add hint of sarcasm! :-)

Scene 3: A squeezed croc.
Due to the benevolence of Aunt Joan, Seth is now the proud owner of ~ this handsome croc!
It was during the OH trip that this little guy made his debut to our family. Seth, as usual, treats him with lots of TLC. Ethan, on the other hand, treats "Croc" like all others - "take 'em or leave 'em."
Of all dastardly things, you won't believe what Ethan did to this furry pal! (At least if you were Seth you would be horrified!)
It happened a week ago today as I was visiting with a friend on her porch. . . I heard some crying from our van and decided to investigate.
Seth was in tears, and Ethan was looking a bit guilty as usual. The terrible deed - you ask?! Through tears, Seth told me, "Ethan squeezed my crocodile!"
In disbelief, I again ask, "He did what?!"
Sobbing, "He squeezed my crocodile!"
Hmmmm. I ended a perfectly nice conversation to discover that a toy had been squeezed!

Sigh. . .Now I think I have heard "everything!" :-)

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