Monday, February 05, 2007
Weekend wrap-up
Thanks to a tip from Lisa Graham, we found ourselves at Home Depot on Saturday morning.
The boys were more than happy to wield "real hammers and nails" and do some work.
They were also given little aprons, and I think they looked so cute.
The finished project.

Seth decided he needed some basketball trophies, so he made a few.
The name Seth gave this dog that was his companion for a day.
Seth loves dogs, but since his brother is allergic to them . . .
you can figure the rest.
I am happy for a stray now and then. They bring a lot of joy to Seth.

The pan of snow I removed from my neighbors' snowman.

(I think it was his kidneys. The poor snowman has been suffering since the surgery!)

This pan is now residing in my freezer. Carrie, no need for Colorado blizzards or eBay;

there is snow in my freezer!

We are set for next winter! :-)

Happy Monday!

  posted at 12:25 PM  

At 10:44 PM, Blogger Carrie said...

Good for you! I'm glad you're enjoying the snow. I'm sure that Angie would love to send you some of hers (my boys would be very unhappy if I gave you mine!)

Poor Seth. Have you ever thought about getting him a snake? I don't know of anyone who is allergic to a snake! ;) ("Poor pet-deprived little guy," she mutters under her breath.)


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