Monday, January 24, 2011
No use pretending anymore.
When I started this blog in September of 2006,
we looked like the above picture.
Fast forward half of a decade,
and we look like:
During these years you've seen our
more craziness,
and yet more craziness?!
(We must have a gene or something!)
You've been with us through the
and little milestones.
One new baking experiment
after another -
with dyed mashed potatoes thrown in the middle.
We've taken you on our hikes,and shown off the critters that surprised us!
You've watched us work
and play.
You've seen our busyness
and quiet get-aways.
Our fun times may have made you laugh,
and our deepest sorrows may have brought you tears.
We have been frightened
and ecstatic!
We've pulled you through our sickness
and health.
We've made you tag along with our family
and friends.
We've been in school
and out.
You've learned I loooove color
(and shudder at most white walls).
You've let me share my projects
and have even given a tip or two.
You've endured my passion for trees,
trees against a blue sky,
trees in the fall,
more water,
more trees,
and, yes, trees and water.
You've been introduced to my healthy breads,
the not-so-healthy-melt-in-your-mouth breads,
and famous rolls.
You've discovered I love to bake with chocolate,
and more chocolate.
With us you've celebrated holidays
and birthdays.
Most importantly -
you've watched us grow,
and grow,
and grow.
There was a catch to all that growing though - it only happened with my responsibilities and not my daily hours! When Tales of a Castle was launched, I had many hours at my disposal for writing, blogging, picture taking, etc. But 386 posts later, we have embarked on the busiest year of our lives up to this point, and I will admit that there is no use pretending anymore. . .I do not have time to blog.
My emotions are bittersweet about this scenario since there will be many memories lost in the shuffle of life, but there are four little men in the making who need all of their mama's attention. And since I am not into half hearted blogging on my end, I think I'll close this chapter for now.
As Bilbo Baggins says, "I feel like butter scraped over too much bread." (Or something like that. I'm too lazy busy to look it up. :-) I have enjoyed all the friends I have met on this avenue and loved getting better acquainted with my old ones. Thanks for all of your reading, kindness, and comments over the years! (Has it really been years?!)
Following this move from Virginia (and the baby is older), I may start a new blog chronicling life after grad school as I have many ideas for my next house. I have called seven different places home in the last 12 1/2 years, and I am ready to put down some roots! My excitement is bounding as I think of creating a haven/fun spot for my big man and little men, but with the knowledge this place was temporary, I just put decor and other things on hold. Yes, I still love thrifting, creating new items, color, color, color, and I hope to release all that energy in the next castle! :-) I love sharing my new ideas with others (and convincing my hubby they are not that whacko!).
One of my little guys posts every so often, and you can find bits of news on his blog located at his exit. Drop him a line; he'll enjoy your traffic.
For now, as Bilbo said in his farewell birthday address,
"I wish you all a very fond farewell."

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Sunday, November 07, 2010
Shamelessly stealing. . .
Well here I am. . .two months down the road finally writing another blog post. . . Thankfully I am not as sleep deprived as I could be with a four month old baby in the house. He is the best baby I have ever had and is a great sleeper. But he is a baby and needs lots of feedings and diaper changes. I never realized how busy I would be when the fourth little prince landed in the castle. So, in honor of one of Silas' favorite book series (If You Give A Pig A Pancake) I'd like to create my very own version using the idea that I shamelessly stole from a fellow blogger.
If You Give A Mom A Fourth Baby

If you give a Mom a fourth baby,
she'll be a lot busier and won't have much time to blog,
for she will have four boys to keep happy and busy.
As she creates a new post in her mind,
she'll suddenly remember that she has loads of laundry to fold.
And while she is getting ready to put the clean laundry away,
there'll be a little boy with an attitude.
The Mom has learned that attitudes need guidance,
or they keep getting nastier.
While walking back into the house after the attitude session,
she'll pass by the "basket" and remember there are bills to sort and pay.
While sitting at the computer desk dealing with bills,
she will decide to start a new post
suddenly remembers she was going to teach son #2
how to make peanut butter cookies.
The Mom will want them for dessert after church.
And since the Mom has two middle boys who are lively,
she will be worn out on Monday
due to Sunday church going.
Since worn out Moms do not make good home educators,
Monday becomes a work day for her
while the boys play in the woods and learn about nature.
While they are busy getting dirty and the Mom is vigorously cleaning,
she will remember that the baby needs to be fed and bathed.
The mom and her family will be going to meet some friends,
and good smelling babies are the best!
Even though there is much work to do,
the Mom and her husband occasionally take the four boys on outings.
The Mom decides she needs to blog about it,
but chances are that when she sits down to blog,
the baby will need to be fed and changed again.
And while she's feeding the baby,
she'll remember that the bathrooms need to be cleaned.
And while she's getting the cleaning supplies,
the two oldest sons will want her to find something in the I Spy book
because they think the Mom has "the best eyes for finding hidden things."
The Mom will often take the time to teach the boys to interact with nature
by reading books, studying animals, spending time in the woods
and even hanging bird feeders.
But in the midst of her work,
she will have to stop many times to correct attitudes,
work on potty training,
feed the baby,
change a diaper,
and teach other lessons such as:
"The lid to the turtle sandbox is not a Frisbee -
regardless of how beautifully it sails through the air!"
After the sandbox talk,
she will return to the kitchen to find a sink full of dirty dishes
and begin preparing for the next meal.
While cutting veggies,
she will dash to the boys' room to get dirty sheets to wash,
but as she passes the hall closet she remembers -
a certain little boy toppled most of the games onto the floor,
and now the Mom will need to reorganize the closet.
Once the sheets are swishing in the washer,
the Mom will begin to make birthday cupcakes and frosting
for a certain three year old.
After the cupcakes,
the Mom will sit on the back porch to have her devotions,
enjoy the beautiful woods,
and watch a certain little boy
(who believes there is a monkey living in the woods
and often disappears to find it)
as the older boys bury their brains in studies.
Chances are that while she is sitting there,
she will realize that -
the leaves need to be cleaned out of the gutters.
Since they are outside and getting dirty,
the Mom will go ahead and get the shed swept and ready for winter,
the flower beds cleaned out,
the grass mowed, etc. . .
Meanwhile the Mom will frequently stop to
answer the phone,
check on the laundry,
feed and change the baby,
teach a boy a character lesson,
deal with the two middle boys who tend to
mix like oil and water.
The Mom likes to make fun desserts with the boys,
but she is usually too busy to get it on the blog.
The Mom will also teach the boys to
read recipes,
help with meals,
do dishes,
fold and put away laundry,
watch little brothers
all the while she is continually stopping to - - -
feed and change the baby.
The Mom will need to prepare lessons,
crafts, and home studies for the two older boys,
and since all school and no play is -
rather dull,
they will hop in the van and -
head to PA for a few days to visit grandparents.
Sometimes the Mom and her family will take longer trips to
Ohio to see family and friends.
To Lynchburg to visit friends.
And each trip will result in more laundry
which is accomplished between
the feedings and diapers.
Sometimes when the Mom will notice how beautiful it is outdoors
she will decide to take the boys on a walk.
Later that evening the Mom will try to sit down and blog,
but the baby will need to be fed and changed.
After that is done,
the other boys will need to be showered and put to bed.
The Mom will clean up the supper meal
and plan for the next day of studying.
She'll get the baby to bed at a late hour so he'll sleep through the night.
The Mom will then spend some time with her husband who is studying
(or writing looong emails to Andrew Graham via Facebook :-).
The Mom will then sit down at the computer to blog about adventures,
but. . .
chances are she'll be too tired to type.
'Cause if you give a Mom a fourth baby,
she might not have much time to blog.

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